Hi Team! My family arrange a time to come by to pick out glass.peices for our fathers ashes (Bill O'Dannel). Could we arrange a time the morning of the 8th of July??? Thank you!
-- Teri Cummings (O'dannel) , 6/3/22

I found your work at Jekyll Island, GA. It is beyond beautiful. Thank you for what you do.
-- Tracey Tapley, 5/13/22

Hello I live near jykll Island Brunswick ga and they do a float hide this year using your floats and I absolutely loved them. I was wondering how much a custom piece is? I want it jacksonville jaguars color. Teal, black, and a mustard/gold yellow.
-- Brooke , 3/29/22

Have a question I have a dolphin and a piece of it broke off and was seeing how much it would cost to get it fixed.
-- Myra Griffith , 12/23/21

Do you make any female gnomes or wizards?
-- Virginia M Hackenbruck, 9/6/21

Your products are very beautiful and I’m sure I will be ordering some in the near future. My daughter and I just went on a road trip and returned yesterday we did not find a float on the island but we did end up buying one before we left
-- Valeska Cyr, 3/1/21

I ordered an unlimited glass quest float and it arrived today and I cannot tell you how much more beautiful it is in person than from the website. I have quite a collection of floats and the one I purchased is by far the most beautiful one in my collection. This brings my total to 50. It’s just spectacular!!
-- Erin Speelman, 2/24/21

Really enjoy the glass quest. Such a great community event!
-- Tj Swier, 2/18/21

You guys make the best glass balls.I have gotten (found) a glass ball for the last six years.I am not going this year because of this Covid-19 stuff going on. Maybe next year.You guys are the best.
-- Margaret Rice, 2/17/21

Your work is absolutely stunning!
-- Erin Speelman, 1/27/21

I so Love you work...These are Stunning. Thats why I brought 3...
-- Tracey Hart, 9/30/20

I was looking for some Seahawks glass balls like the floating ones u had at the glass quest?
-- Susan Landree, 2/16/20

I am looking for a cobalt blue Viking drinking horn. Please help...thanks
-- Dave Taylor, 2/20/19

Hey Mark I purchased 2 glass floats in Jekyll Island Ga, for thank you gifts. I just loved your pieces. My mother just passed away in July and I wanted to see if you did any glass floats with the ashes? And what the cost would be. Thanks
-- Kay Moore, 8/2/18

Wondering if you are still selling scrap remnants for $3/pound. If so, do you ship? I live in Mass. Thanks
-- Cathy Greenspan, 6/23/18

Love your artwork!
-- Andrea Baker-makuta, 2/20/18

Glass Ball questing
-- Jessica Carvalho, 2/18/18

Mark. We bought glasses and yard flowers from you years ago. Our daughter Kristin Carman worked with your wife. Your wife was an aide in her classroom. Anyway I brought a large glass another of my daughters bought while we were there and I need to replace it. Do you have any blue large glasses? The one I broke was large a medium blue swirled around and the rim of the glass came out. Thank you for your help.
-- Kathleen Sennett, 12/19/17

Thanks for the interesting demonstration on making the dragon.Even though very hot it was a cool event.Upon next visit to this neighborhood we shall stop by again.
-- Rose Bergeron, 8/2/17

love all beautiful glass pieces & was really surprised on how the glass pieces were formed.Thank you so much . Gloria
-- Gloria Shofner, 2/22/17

Hello, I am the Events Coordinator for the Stanwood/Camano American Association of University Womaen and we would really like to know if you give short tours for froups in Stanwood. Many of our members have a lot of your work and would be great candidates for taking a future intro class. Please let me know if we can arrange something in March. Lynda Buehring Email: or cell @ 206-550-4409 or home @ 360 387-4573. Lynda
-- Lynda Buehring, 1/24/17 the art.
-- Cindy , 7/30/16

Do you have any of these lamps in blues that are not yet sold?
-- Louise Bruland, 7/15/16

I have acquired a lot of OBG blown glass paperweights and eggs. I can't find very much out about the origin of the artist. Can you help?
-- Tracy, 9/17/14

Beautiful just beautiful.
-- Sue Favro, 8/22/14

I have the starfish paperweight from 1996 with Mt. St. Helen's ash.
-- Janet Kropp, 4/12/14

I found one of your glass floats at Lincoln City February 24 and it is absolutely beautiful - it was the highlight of my trip from Baton Rouge to Oregon!
-- Jeanne Austin, 3/26/14

I found one of your floats in Lincoln City last Friday! THANK YOU! It is beautiful and perfect!!
-- Trisha, 3/7/14

Hi, I loved the glass quest. It was really fun for me and family. My mom won a glass ball . She found it at the market place. Her name is Sheryl. She was so excited to find one. She has been looking for one for three years. The glass ball she won was very blue with some pink and purple. Thank so much for this quest. I think you guys should have this quest next year too. IT IS MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! Love, Aanya Havens
-- Aanya Havens, 2/24/14

What excitement when we found the first clue ball!!! Thank you so much to Mark Ellinger at the Glass Quest Art Gallery for the beautiful Glass Ball. Everyone admires it. We had so much fun walking the trails, the beach and searching through the various stores questing for the the clue ball. We'll be back next year for more fun and adventure. Thank you again to everyone who makes this event possible. Cheers Roz Johns Richmond, BC Canada
-- Roz Johns, 2/24/14

quite lovely
-- Zelda Williams , 2/18/14

Thank you Mark - for sharing your wonderful talent with my family today. We got lucky and found a clue ball at the Camano Animal Shelter after our visit with you! I will treasure it always. My grandson, Lane has shown every person he saw today the glass "rock" you let him pick out this morning. He loves it and was very inspired by you and your son!
-- Shawn Kirckof, 2/16/14

we really enjoy walking down to visit your shop and see ALL the beautiful pieces you have created. Our Granddaughter enjoyed watching you blow the glass as well.
-- Jim & Barb Halverson, 12/5/13

do you know if the irredescent 1988 OGB paperweight used Mount Saint Helen's ash
-- Jill, 10/17/13

Your passion comes through in such amazing art! Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!
-- Lisa Potter, 8/31/13

Tolle und hilfreiche Internetseite und das mit Gästebuch finde ich auch sehr schön. Wo kann man den so ein Gästebuch günstig kaufen oder downloaden? Weiterhin viel Glück, Erfolg, schönen Sommer 2013 und viele Gästebucheinträge! Viele Gruße Leni
-- Steckdosen, 7/19/13

I have been collecting glass floats for several years. Purchased 2 of your floats from Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon. Those two are by far the most spectacular in my collection! You create beautiful glass. Thank you!
-- Connie Barrett, 4/29/13

Hi Mark, we have enjoyed your site with photos of your glass art. How are you? - Mark and Julie
-- Mark Dickhaut, 4/21/13

Wondering if you do a classes?
-- Lilia Smith, 3/22/13

wonderful work done keep it up
-- Munir-ul-islam, 3/1/13

I want take this time and say thanks to Mark and Marcus Ellinger and the community of Stanwood and Camano Island for putting on and other Great Glass Quest . We did didn't find one but the new places and people we meet on was great we can't wait for next year Thanks
-- Scott Bogart, 2/26/13

My mushrooms look perfect under a douglas fir tree.
-- Magda Hitzroth, 9/2/12

Interested in facts on OBG Paperweights and Art Glass work
-- Charles Mayo, 2/27/12

I recently acquired a beauitful Ellinger vase at an estate sale. I love it and am happy to have it in our collection!
-- Harlene Conlin, 1/15/12

Just looked at the sight for the first time and it looks great. I miss watching and photographing you two at work. Keep up the beautiful work.
-- Chris Olds, 12/6/11

I have a 16 year old boy and i would love to see him try glass blowing out.
-- Nicki Weston, 11/10/11

Thank you, Mark and Marcus, for your hospitality and having us at the studio. I was totally amazed at the process and have a whole new respect for hand blown glass art pieces. It was absolutely fascinating. This was definitely the highlight of Faith’s visit to the West Coast. Thank you again for making it so special for her and for getting me hooked on your beautiful pieces of art. You both are truly appreciated!
-- Stephanie Haynes, 10/13/11

Thanks for doing to glass quest its so much fun.
-- Christina Audet, 9/23/11

-- Lois Polley, 9/2/11

wow...WOW!!!...what amazing work, such attention to detail, truly inspiring designs. With the resent addition of your son I'm looking forward to see how you challenge and motivate each other. From one admirer of true talent to another, thanks for the hard work and inspiration.
-- Ultraradness, 3/10/11

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