Mark & Marcus Ellinger
Mark your Calendar for the greatest treasure hunt in the Pacific Northwest!
Come to Stanwood and Camano Island to search for unique hand-blown glass
treasures by world-renowned glass artists, Mark and Marcus Ellinger.  Presented by
the Camano Island Chamber of Commerce. We will have unlimited event floats for
sale in the hot shop. Come warm up with us and watch us blow glass.
Good luck questers.

For more info go to

click the above image to see our product line or click here to see examples of other pieces.
We can also create custom pieces by request.

We can add cremation ash to almost any glass piece.
We will work with you to create a one of a kind personalize piece.

click the YouTube channel link to subscribe to our channel and stay updated with all our new videos.
Join us and chat with your favorite glassblowers when we live stream glassblowing from the hot shop.


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My sunset vase is absolutely stunning and the colors are incredibly vibrant. Excellent customer service and fast, secure shipping.
-- Kathleen Leonard, 9/17/21

I have the privilege to find one of the “Glass Buttons” you made for one of my Rocking People. I missed out on the first hunts but then made it my priority to find another if I could. And I did. It is gorgeous! Thank you! You are making people get out into the fresh air to find these gems! But Social Distancing is also adhered to.
-- Cheryl Mclaughlin, 8/29/20

I would like thank Mark / Cindy and Marcus for the great job they do helping putting on a great event Glass Quest it great to learn about the people who live in your area and the business in your town Thanks to all take took part in this event
-- Scott Bogart, 3/12/19

Greetings....nice web site. Nice to see you're still enjoying yourself. Best for the new year to you and Cindy ! Bob Swidergal.
-- Robert V Swidergal, 12/30/18

Received a class as a BD gift. Wow. What a great gift. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to all. Men and women should try it. you will really love it.
-- Richard Mack, 5/13/17

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