You guys have been so busy producing product. Since COVID hit, I have had no creative thoughts. My yard looks better than it has ever looked, but not one basket has been made. I have many designs rolling around in my head, but that is as far as it has gotten. I do have a day job, so weaving takes a back burner, but weather is changing......
-- Sharon Clark, 10/11/20

They are so beautiful
-- Deann Vanwinkle, 3/31/20

Really nice- beautiful
-- Terence Rabbitt, 3/30/20

So beautiful!!!
-- Alice D Rogers, 6/12/19

Freaking amazing!!!!!
-- Jenni Rich, 3/2/18

Love your glass
-- Jan Porter, 3/2/18

Totally beautiful.
-- Norman Wilson, 10/24/17

Very colorful
-- Cherie Lomax, 4/3/15

Very nice!!!
-- Debbie Van Dusen, 4/2/15

Very pretty!!!
-- Debbie Van Dusen, 3/12/15

-- Patty Cole, 3/11/15

I want this one
-- D.j. Sweet, 3/11/15

Absolutely beautiful!
-- Toni Potterf, 3/3/15

I love the fireplace vase. I've never seen anything like it.
-- Joyce Gordon, 1/29/15

Absolutely gorgeous!
-- Joyce Gordon, 1/29/15

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