Leyenda DeLeona check these out
-- Milissa Tingley, 4/29/18

Wow these are just fabulous the colours are so beautiful well done again everyone at Glass Quest.... the more I see your fantastic things you make the more I want to come and see you all....only I'm scared of flying....
-- Brenda Griffiths, 4/29/18

How much is the blue one Mark ?
-- D.j. Sweet, 12/18/14

good for treats !
-- Glass Quest, 12/18/14

Now way, dibs! �� kidding- sorta.
-- Stevie Willis, 12/18/14

I want the blue one
-- D.j. Sweet, 12/18/14

Oooooh! I love the blue!!
-- Stevie Willis, 12/18/14

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